elvesI’m sure many of you have seen the “Elf Yourself” program from JibJab where you can put faces on elves and watch them dance around with other elves with faces of friends. Introduced last year by sponsor OfficeMax, this year JibJab is offering a variety of elf videos for you to insert your favorite faces. You can easily share your creation with friends and they can make their own creations using their faces. Not everyone will want to dress up in real life like an elf as these two fun lovers have, but anyone can easily be a virtual elf with just a little effort.

Quicktime recording is not syncing audio & video after the OS X update, as assumed in yesterday’s post. I thought the upgrade had fixed the problem, but it’s still there. I’m now capturing the iSight video with iMovie and all is well so far. What do you think?

scott-christine-elvesHere’s this year’s Elf Yourself creation using the disco theme. I had no idea I could boogie like this! How about a virtual snowball fight? Very cute. Make your own elves at JibJab.com. They have several different videos you can make with your favorite faces and they even offer a series of e-cards for all types of greetings. Apparently the videos expire on Jan. 15 and you have to download each for $4.99 if you want to keep them forever.

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