Dave DelaneyI made the 150 mile trek to Nashville early this morning to join Gnomedex friends, Dave Delaney and Marcus Whitney – as well as 50+ other geeks from the Nashville area – for the one-year anniversary of the Nashville Geek Breakfast.

I wasn’t the only one to travel a distance. My new friend, Dave Barger, traveled 3 hours from Memphis. DaveD took this shot of the two of us who traveled the farthest to attend. We must have filled half the restaurant and I turned out to be one of the only event photographers, so I got to meet a bunch of folks. One of the guys really liked my Sanyo Xacti 1010 camera and took a short video (below).

Here’s the photos I took this morning. I’ve also created a public group tag on PeopleBrowsr (Nashville Geeks) that others can add themselves to if using this cool Twitter client. It’s still in alpha, but well worth a look. You can @message an entire group and follow the group’s stream in PeopleBrowsr. Very cool.

I’m going to work on getting a similar monthly breakfast going in Knoxville. It’s a great place to meet local talented people with a common interest in tech. Maybe you should do the same in your area?

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