ffI’m following nearly 2,000 people on Twitter and nearly 1,300 are following me. Problem is that I don’t get to read a lot of the good stuff these folks tweet about. In fact, I miss most of it. Even with advanced Twitter clients like PeopleBrowsr and TweetDeck, I still have to work too hard to mine the tasty nuggets from the swiftly moving stream of tweets generated by the 2,000 people I follow.

FriendFeed is much more conducive to conversation around any given “tweet” than Twitter is. The ability to comment on a “message” is really nice and allows a true discussion to take place. You can quickly and easily read the message and its comments in context. With Twitter you have to go back to a person’s profile and try to figure out what someone was referring to, perhaps hours earlier, when they wrote an @reply that got your attention. With FriendFeed, the comment (Twitter @reply) is right there under the original message. Having the comments appear with the original message in FriendFeed might even reduce some of the stream noise in that the @replies are gone and now in the form of a comment. If I’m not interested in the original message, I don’t have to see the @replies at all. I just jump over the entire conversation.

Here’s the rub. I can only follow folks on FriendFeed who are on FriendFeed. If you are not on FriendFeed, I must try to keep up with you on Twitter. Even if you do all of your posting on Twitter, as I’ve been doing up to now, there is a way I can still keep up with you on FriendFeed. How? All you have to do is subscribe to your Twitter feed with your FriendFeed account and I’ll see it. In fact, I can even comment on your tweet in FriendFeed and have that comment appear in my Twitter stream. Yep, I can publish my FriendFeed messages and comments to my Twitter stream and you can read them there if you don’t want to read them in FriendFeed. As long as you have a FriendFeed account – you don’t even have to use it, just set it up – I can follow you from FriendFeed.

So let’s try this. If you’ve read this far, get a FriendFeed account and subscribe to me. I’ll subscribe back and follow your tweets there, rather than trying to follow you with a Twitter client. Let’s experiment to see if my following your tweets from FriendFeed facilitates more conversation between us due to my ability to follow you more closely than I ever could on Twitter. When you setup your FriendFeed account, be sure to subscribe to your Twitter account so your tweets appear in your FriendFeed. In a month or so I’ll do another post to talk about how its going. If you’re really brave, let’s talk about it on FriendFeed between now and then!

Some good reading about FriendFeed (both of these authors are big FriendFeed users and advocates):

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