There had been tornado warnings in the area yesterday with forecasted storms and strong wind. Up until mid-afternoon all we experienced was some light rain. Then it happened. The rain started to pour down and the wind was driving it through our valley diagonally. I grabbed the video camera and shot this video (watch to the end):

radarAs I was returning the camera to it’s stand, I heard a loud crash. Turning around I saw one of our big oak trees down across the fence and on top of our little Boogey Lights trailer. I called Christine who was down at the barn throughout all of this. She said rain was actually blowing into the barn from underneath the sides. It was scary. When I told her about the oak tree she couldn’t believe it. We had recently had the tree guy here clearing that part of the property and he told us the tree was healthy. No one expected this to happen!

sany0004The Filas barked at the downed tree and then slowly ventured off the front porch to examine this giant intruder. They don’t like it one bit. The tree guy will be back soon to clear this one away and the firewood will go to a neighbor. Another $500 insurance deductible to pay to clear it, repair the fence and the trailer. Ouch!

One thought on “Blowing Rain Knocks Down Large Oak Tree

  • February 12, 2009 at 6:12 am

    Okay Scott…. were we talking fifteen acres there and you park that purty Boogey Lights trailer under the oak tree? Are you sure we aren’t related? Thank goodness Christine was okay, and you.


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