My hiatus from BigBaldGuy, if anyone noticed, has been due to spending a lot of my time working on St. Mary’s website, as well as getting the site up for my new venture. Yes, I’ve been busy with other priorities but now I’m back. I thought the release of WordPress 3.0 would be as good a time as any to renew my commitment to posting regularly about my interests in all things geek, gadgets and social media.

The date of my last post on was February 17th, heralding the announcement of Google Buzz. At that time I was, and still am, excited about Buzz. It got a bad rap in the tech sector for the way it was rolled out within Gmail, but its features are awesome and getting even more awesome.

As you’ll see, I use Buzz primarily to share items of interest from Google Reader. I use a WordPress plugin called Google Buzz ER to share my latest Buzz in this blog. You’ll see the attractive widget in the sidebar, with its images and clear attribution with a link to the source.

Subscribe to my feed and come along for the ride. Feel free to share things you find interesting in your blog, and let me know when you do so I can be sure to follow you too. I’ll be spiffing up the site header with a nice image and I’ll be doing some design tweak over the next couple of weeks. I’ve learned a few tricks using my new theme of choice, Thesis 1.7. Highly recommended.

I’m very happy to be back!

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