The first is a short eleven minute video by Rob Bell, founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. You’ll find the video below in its entirety. In “Flame” Rob speaks about three different types of love found in the Hebrew language: Raya, Ahava and Dod. He dramatically shows us that these three flames – or types of love – are meant to burn together to create the “big flame” found in the Song of Songs.

The second film is a documentary from Grassroots Films called “The Human Experience.” In this incredible 90 minute film you’ll journey with two brothers seeking the meaning of life among the homeless in New York City, among Peruvian orphans, and among the lepers of Ghana, Africa. The central message of this award winning film is that every single human person, no matter his lot in life, is beautiful. Order this film from the Grassroots website. View the official trailer below:

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