Christine and I hosted a SuperBowl party this year. We had about 30 people attend and everyone had a wonderful time. Christine started the party with her Wii dance game, which a few people really enjoyed. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of this…great fun! She then set up shop upstairs to paint the faces of the young people who came with their parents. She kept busy through most of the game. She had a TV in the kitchen so she wouldn’t miss any of the commercials.

The football fans mostly stayed down in the man cave to watch the game on one of two screens. Of course we have a screen at the bar, as well as the big screen on the other end of the room. In spite of the fact that the Patriots lost the game (I believe I was the only Patriots fan in the group), the day couldn’t have turned out better. Great food, plenty of liquid refreshments and good friends always make for a winning party.

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