Ken HensleyIn my renewed commitment to writing this blog I’ve become more active on Twitter, a great source of news and inspiration if you follow the right people.

As I was scanning my Twitter feed this morning I came upon a tweet by Patrick Madrid (@PatrickMadrid) urging his followers to check out his friend Ken Hensley (@KenHensley007), a Catholic apologist with whom he and Peter Kreeft travel the country presenting the Catholic Apologetics Academy. I have a great deal of respect for Patrick, so I thought I’d take his suggestion seriously. I’m so glad I did!

Ken is writing a blog on Catholic apologetics called Apologia. He has a gift of explaining clearly and in a non-academic manner the Catholic faith so that anyone could understand why we believe what we believe. Here’s an excerpt from his introduction where he explains the reason he is writing his blog:

What is Christian apologetics, then? It’s the defense and vindication of the Christian worldview. It’s about making the case for the truth of Christianity as a total world and life view.  It’s something every Christian wants to be able to do. And that’s what this site is about — helping to train fellow Christians in the defense of their faith. As a Catholic Christian, this will include dealing with issues that separate Catholic and Protestant, but all in good time.

So let me be concise and say that my desire and intention here is to do my best to offer the kind of training in apologetics I hear Catholics asking for and imagine I would want for myself in their position. I’ve been thinking about this for some time and have finally decided to put my hand to the digital plow. If this is something you suspect you might benefit from, join my email list (immediately below) so that all new lessons will be sent directly to your email inbox. Then start with number one: A Defense of Christian Defenses.

I encourage all my friends to head over to Ken’s blog and read it for yourself. As an alternative to regularly visiting his site, you can subscribe to receive Ken’s new posts via email as they are published. Just fill out the simple form on his home page. As of this writing he’s posting weekly with a total of four lessons so far:





I’ve read the first lesson, which offers an excellent argument for the need for Christian apologetics. I look forward to reading the others soon.

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