Photos from the Catholic New Media Celebration. Feel free to use these photos with attribution to (high resolution images available by request) Afternoon Sessions Morning Sessions Friday Meet & Greet You’ll find additional images from CNMC at The Catholic Media Group on Flickr.

Seeking Parish Geeks

Attention Catholic geeks, we want to recruit you as a Parish Geek! We’re seeking contributors who would like to write an occasional how-to article or share some geeky information you think no parish should be without. One of the goals of this site is to be a resource for those who want to build and […]

Catholic New Media Celebration is a sponsor of the Catholic New Media Celebration (CNMC) taking place in Boston next week. The event is organized by SQPN, a leading Catholic new media network founded by Dutch priest, Fr. Roderick Vonhögen. Boston’s Cardinal O’Malley will be on hand for the event, as well as several Catholic bloggers and new media […]

Bishop Stika is Video Blogging

It’s great to see my Bishop using new media to get the message out. I’d like to encourage all pastors to consider using video to communicate with their parishioners. It’s highly effective and all you need is a decent digital video camera and a YouTube or vimeo account. There’s effectively no cost involved other than […]

The Big Bald Guy is Back!

My hiatus from BigBaldGuy, if anyone noticed, has been due to spending a lot of my time working on St. Mary’s website, as well as getting the site up for my new venture. Yes, I’ve been busy with other priorities but now I’m back. I thought the release of WordPress 3.0 would be as good a time as any to renew my commitment to posting regularly about my interests in all things geek, gadgets and social media. The date of my last post on…

I’m Loving the Buzz

Google Buzz is a Twitter/Facebook type of sharing service in Gmail. You can communicate and share items of interest with your Gmail contacts and others you meet on Buzz. Conceptually, Buzz works very much like Facebook. Buzz came out of nowhere on February 9th. No one, I mean NO ONE, saw Buzz coming. Google kept it totally under wraps until the day it was announced. None of the pundits or publications ever spoke of Buzz. This is certainly a tribute…