Blogging, yes! Facebook, not so much.

Blogging, yes! Facebook, not so much.

Every now and then I wonder why I spend so much time on Facebook and no time blogging. This morning I realized that my last post on Big Bald Guy was in February 2012! Christine and I were discussing how we use Facebook and whether or not it’s an effective way to record and share life’s events. While we both think Facebook is a pretty good place to see photos from our family and friends, it’s also a huge waste of time where you have to…


Photos from the Catholic New Media Celebration. Feel free to use these photos with attribution to (high resolution images available by request) Afternoon Sessions Morning Sessions Friday Meet & Greet You’ll find additional images from CNMC at The Catholic Media Group on Flickr.

Bishop Stika is Video Blogging

It’s great to see my Bishop using new media to get the message out. I’d like to encourage all pastors to consider using video to communicate with their parishioners. It’s highly effective and all you need is a decent digital video camera and a YouTube or vimeo account. There’s effectively no cost involved other than […]